Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entry 1.0

This is my first blog entry..ever!  After months and maybe even years of thinking and talking about it, I'm actually doing it.  What is my blog going to be about?  All things "digital filmmaking".  I say digital filmmaking, because that is my preferred name for it.  Some people call it digital cinema, but the point is that I'm talking about the art and science of making commercials, documentaries, feature length films,  music videos, promotional videos, and short films with a digital video camera, digital film camera or DSLR (more on that later).

This blog is going to be dedicated to talking about digital filmmaking:  the cameras, the software, the other tools and gadgets that we use to do what it is we do.  Right now I'm a DSLR owner/shooter so I'll be talking a lot about DSLRs and DSLR accessories in my first few posts.

I'm also going to start Twittering, so you can follow me @STL_DSLRShooter

So that's about it.  I'm most likely going to do a hands on review of some DSLR gear for my next post.
I bought a new piece of gear and I haven't seen much out there on it as far as reviews go.  I really had to take a leap of faith to buy it.  But it was less than $100 so it's not that big of a deal if it turns out to be lame.  It's supposed to come in this week, so I'll be reviewing it and letting you other DSLR shooters know if it's worth buying.  What is it?  For now, I'll keep it a secret, so you are intruiged and you come back in a week.


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